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Just a few days left! Resid Hydro Treat 2019 in Kuwait

From 19-21 November the 2nd International Symposium on Residue HydroTreating by KNPC & KIPICOfficial takes place! We´re already excited and happy to be part of this big event. You´ll find us at the exhibitors area at stand no. 10.

ERTC Warsaw 2019 - thanks to all visitors for inspiring conversations

Three days full of lively conversations and interesting sessions - that was this year's ERTC in Warsaw. The focus of many good discussions was the need for good work quality, safety performance and guarantee adherence to delivery dates. As Edelhoff, we also place the focus of our work on these topics and have been able to exchange valuable experiences with our interlocutors. Thanks a lot to all attendees and the organizers. And see you next year at the ERTC in Madrid!

Visit the Edelhoff Technologies stand at ERTC from 04. - 06.11.2019 in Warsaw

We are happy to present our new developments at this year's ERTC in Warsaw. You will find us in the exhibitor area on stand no. 48

August 2019

Brand new mobile Life Support System in stock for rent

Edelhoff Life Support Systems are the safest respiratory protection systems worldwide. The complete LSS with all components is CE certified. The anti-panic respirator helmet with its independently working triple breathing air supply, integrated voice communication and camera monitoring as well as a height safety device, it’s a complete safety concept. This also includes a corresponding gas analysis system, named Edelhoff mobile Reactor Monitor.

Edelhoff deltaP Machine for differential pressure measurement

Edelhoff deltaP measurement technology grants a very fast, efficient and accurate testing of the differential pressure of all tubes over the entire tube level. Up to 6 parallel measuring is possible with the multi-channel devices. With our devices, it is possible to reliably and quickly perform differential pressure measurements on all tube reactors of various designs after a catalyst loading. The integrated tailor-made software enables the representation of a tube mirror overview according to the measured values. A targeted reworking is made possible. Handling and operation are comfortable and optimally adapted to the place of use.

July 2019

Edelhoff CatTestTM

CatTestTM is the best technical solution for testing Catalyst / active Carbon under normal or inert atmosphere. This cost saving method with less material wastage guarentees best results.

June 2019

Nothing remains unseen - everything is under control

The desire to never lose a human life constantly drives us to new product developments. Technical developments of other branches to micro HD cameras with excellent image quality, high-performance LED lighting systems and great installation characteristics make many innovations possible for us.

May 2019

All products from one source!

Today we want to tell something about our philosophy and experiences collected in decades of work in the branch. Edelhoff Technology cares for the special requirements of customers. We´are focussed on competent advice of newcomers to the branch as well as established companies.

Gas Measurement with Edelhoff mobile Reactor Monitor

Today we delivered two rental Edelhoff Reactor Monitoring Systems to our customer. Maybe rental Equipment is an interesting option for you, too? Based on many years of experience, our mobile multichannel Reactor Monitors have been developed. They are optimally designed to the demandings on site with - ex-protected sensors, weather-protected and robust housings, as well as being very handy. The setup can be delivered in user defined configuration for universal applicability with up to 12 invidual sensors e.g. : 02, LEL, H2S, CO, Temperature & many more. Sensors are designed to operate under Inert conditions, each in protective cage housings.

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New Edelhoff Vacuum Unit MSA 8000 delivered

Every time we finish such a highly complex and specialized equipment, the test run and the acceptance has taken place and it is ready for delivery, we are especially glad about the happy faces of the customers. The vacuum unit is built in 20" container frame with permission to be easily transported by rail, road, ship or airplane.

Newsletter April 2019

Edelhoff starts in 2019 with increasing personnel and great order situation.

In 2019 our new CEO Mr. Blank started work. He is well known in the  branch worldwide. Due to the great order situation more operational and administrative personnel could be hired.

This newsletter was sent to our customers to inform about our new website, new staff and new technology.

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Winter 2019

New Gas Measurement Technology

Edelhoff Technologies is manufacturer and supplier of the widest product range on the market. This advert shows our new Edelhoff mobile reactor monitor which is a gas measurement system with up to 12 sensors and a cable length of 100 m. We take care of safety on site!

Autumn 2018

Personnel project support for shutdown service companies in the petrochemical industry

This is one of our adverts launched in autumn 2018 in branch magazines about our new division, the personnel project support for service companies in the petrochemical industry. By our experienced staff, our customers can ask for support from tender evaluation, order acquisition to compilation of all billing documents and evaluation of the project.