Qualified Personnel

We offer our service customers highly qualified Edelhoff specialists to assure quality at the construction site, especially during shutdown peak periods. Our technicians and engineers support operative service processes and provide new ideas for optimization as a part of your team.


Increasing quality and safety demands and the simultaneous cost pressure have changed how we work in the petrochemical industry. Service activities have to be performed in increasingly shorter periods of time. This requires the use of specialized personnel and more powerful technology, while maintaining optimum work processes. Adjustments to processes and structures result in an optimum project execution while increasing profitability.

As part of its management consulting in combination with practical project support, Edelhoff offers its service customers analysis, assessment and optimization of work processes. Trained supervisors with several years of experience work as an integrated part of your teams and provide support for the work and in creating recommendations for increasing quality, safety, punctuality and profitability.