As part of your project team, with our quality and safety concept, we ensure the project runs smoothly while taking deadlines and costs into account.

Being well-prepared is half the project! Checklists, personnel and material tests and detailed project folders including a TARGET calculation for project tracking supplement your project planning and preparation.

Our project management will be there to support you during the execution. While you take care of the safe execution of the activities, our engineers ensure the project runs smoothly in the background:

  • conducting toolbox meetings
  • regular safety inspections
  • administrative support at the construction site (work permits, on-site driving permits, etc.)
  • project documentation and cost support (additional and reduced performance)
  • tracking the progress of the project in ACTUAL calculations
  • preparing and providing support at end customer meetings


Finally, our engineers assess the overall project documentation and provide you a detailed summary as a basis for billing your end customers.

We prepare the accounting of additional and reduced performance as deviations from the order and organize all of the documents:

  • signed daily construction site reports and performance sheets
  • work permits
  • loading diagrams
  • release notifications, delivery certificates and assessment of third-party services
  • transfer of customer documents