Catalyst Sampling Equipment


CatTestTM is a catalyst or granule sampling system developed by Edelhoff Technologies. CatTestTM is used to sample granules from large-volume reactors / containers. For this purpose, a sampling of the material is carried out from the upper bulk material layer to a depth of 3 meters. The material sampled can be tested in a laboratory on the one hand for the strain with carbon or dust fractions and on the other hand for the remaining activity.


Sampling of granules from large-volume containers with bulk materials without having to empty the bulk material and refill it. A material sample is taken from a depth of 3 meters and can be tested in the laboratory for impurities such as carbon and metals in the form of sulphurous iron and finally for reactivity. Applications include catalysts, molecular sieve, activated carbon, etc.

Benefit & Advantage:

CatTestTM is a technical solution to get samples of tightly packed beds of top coat granules without emptying and refilling it.