E.DLM Generation 2020


Edelhoff has 2 different Dense Loading procedures. On the one hand, the Edelhoff Dense Loading Technology ™, which has been proven for decades, Generation 2020. With this technology, one is able to load excludat, spherical shapes and pellets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The focus is on processing catalysts in refineries and the petrochemical industry, as well as granulates in the gas industry, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. The Edelhoff technology 2020 achieves uniform and gentle loading in the various reactor types, single, multibed, radial flow, tubular. With all process forms and products, a density of up to 20% is achieved, evenly over the entire loading quantity.


The Edelhoff Dense Loading Technology ensures uniform and, above all, gentle loading of granules and catalysts of different sizes, densities and textures. At a loading speed of up to 20 tons per hour, a high density is achieved without mechanically stressing the material.

Benefit & Advantage:

To ensure uniform loading while avoiding catalyst fracture to ensure even pressure drop over the entire catalyst charge or catalyst bed. Thus, avoidance of hot spots and channeling is guaranteed. An increased loading quantity of up to 20% is achieved which results in a longer running time being achieved on the process plants.