Sieving Machines


Edelhoff supplies according to customer's wishes all common screening techniques, such as vibration, oscillation and Sizertechnology. With our systems, ultrafine separations in the tenth of a millimeter range of dust (coal / sulfur iron) and granulate / catalyst fractions can be made from the material. Coarse, ceramic material, can be separated up to 50 mm grain size.
The throughput on the plants and systems depends on the size of the desired screen area and ranges between 1 and 10 m³ per hour. All machines are made of stainless steel in the area of product contact areas. Furthermore, the systems are equipped with a continuous dedusting system, a dust-free filling device and magnetic separators.


With the Edelhoff sieve technique granules, catalysts, molecular sieves of different grain sizes and structures can be cleared of dust residues. All systems are suitable for use under inert conditions and, if necessary, emit only dust-free air to the environment.

Benefit & Advantage:

Our systems are available for stationary and mobile use. The gentle processing of high-quality and expensive bulk materials is ensured. The systems can also be used in food and pharmaceutical industries.