Camera and Video Systems


Camera systems are indispensable in the industry today. Documenting the work done and monitoring the safety of staff in the following areas is very useful: working under nitrogen, as well as descending to great depths in conjunction with the use of life support systems to record and document special column installations and reactors, for inspection of welds, fittings and degrees of cleaning, in the field of any apparatus and piping. Edelhoff special cameras are also used in steam reformers and synthesis gas plants in the area of inner tube control. All Edelhoff camera systems are ex-protected and have a state-of-the-art recording system.


Edelhoff camera systems have a high image resolution in black/white and color range. The camera systems are both integral with the Life Support System and can be used as a single surveillance system and for inspection

Benefit & Advantage:

When working in extreme conditions, the use of camera systems in combination with recording devices and documentation systems is essential to ensure occupational safety and to prove results.