Communication Systems


Communication in the field of industrial services is an important aspect of occupational safety. Full duplex has been used as an indispensable technology in the Life Support System for almost 40 years. Today it’s increasingly used in other work areas. When working at heights in connection with different assembly activities, such as Crane or other lifting devices in containers, the full-duplex communication system already is an essential work tool.


The Edelhoff communication system has up to 8 channels, where all participants can communicate with each other without pressing a call button or individual connections. This is an important component in the field of work safety when working in e.g. revision processes.

Benefit & Advantage:

The full-duplex communication system increases occupational safety, when employees need to work together in a team without visual contact and must adhere to precise work processes. Examples are installation of distributor trays, setting and pulling of heat exchangers, operation of machines and devices.