Gas Monitoring Systems


The processing of chemical and petrochemical products generates a large number of polluting gases for humans and the environment. In order to handle these products, measuring and warning systems are unavoidable in the industry. The first requirement is to measure hazardous gas atmospheres and to alert them to alarm systems. Thus, gas analyzers and warning systems are indispensable for safely navigating apparatus. Edelhoff supplies different gas detection and gas warning systems, partly integrated in monitoring vehicles with continuous recording and documentation, as well as mobile systems with different measuring sensor technology. To determine the gas concentration, a temperature measurement is included as standard in the Edelhoff gas measurement system.


Edelhoff gas analysis technology is based, on the one hand, on an electrotechnical measuring system directly in the atmosphere to be measured, and on the other hand on gas analysis systems in the form of gas flow pumps via corresponding sensors in the device. Both systems set the gas concentration to be measured in advance. The systems are equipped according to customer requirements with up to 12 different sensors, such as O2, H2S, SO2, hydrocarbons, etc. Temperature sensors are integrated as standard.

Benefit & Advantage:

Handling petrochemical products requires comprehensive human and environmental protection. On the basis of the gas analysis, the corresponding protective measures for the service technician as well as working in such atmospheres are to be made.