Unloading Equipment


In recent years Edelhoff has invested heavily in the development of technologies for the work on tubular reactors. For emptying tube bundles with up to 25,000 pipes with an inner diameter of 25-50 mm, we further developed the Air Lancing technology. In our process, the catalyst in the tube is released by means of a high-pressure spiral and nozzles designed for this purpose and is blown out of the tube by pressure. The material is collected at the end of the tube with an attachment and transported by vacuum to a separation system. Our system is capable to peel of and remove stuck catalysts in the pipes by means of a drilling attachment.


The Edelhoff Air Lancing uses a high-pressure spiral, specially designed nozzles and associated extraction devices for fast and dust-free extraction of the catalyst from tube bundle systems with variable pipe diameters and pipe lengths. The system can be used above the reactor head and from below above the reactor sump.

Benefit & Advantage:

The Edelhoff Air Lancing replaces the outdated fish taping, the free poking out of catalyst above the reactor sump. A very high dust concentration during the process is bad for humans and the environment.
With the highly effective Edelhoff Air Lancing technology dust is no longer released into the atmosphere and encrustations in the tubes are completely removed.