Mobile Vacuum Separators


In addition to the vacuum air conveying technology, Edelhoff supplies individually applicable mobile separation systems for different granule forms, e.g. Catalysts, activated carbon, molecular sieve etc .. For high-quality and very costly catalysts, with a high proportion of noble metal dusts, which usually tend to exothermic reactions, separation systems with built-filter elements, are used as so-called mobile filter. In moist or with product or oil buildup occupied granules works with so-called cyclone separators. Both systems are equipped with swivel slide technology from the building structure and the discharge system. The capacity of both separation systems is 1.5-2 m³. The suction port has a cross section of 175-200 mm, the discharge is between 175-250 mm. The simple separator is used for extraction of coarse material, scree, eruption, etc. Entry 200 mm, discharge of simple flap system, clear width at least 300 mm. The capacity is 3 m³. Bulk quantities, e.g. Catalysts from ammonia high- and low-temperature converters or activated carbon from biogas plants for water treatment are sucked into so-called vacuum hook lift troughs and transported by truck to a processor. The capacity of this separation system is 8-16 m³.


All separation systems are used to collect the suctioned granules of different shapes, to separate from the suction flow and filled via filling organs targeted in approved containers.


Benefit & Advantage:

Separation systems are an integral part in the field of air handling technology or vacuum technology.