Soft Flow Hopper


The Edelhoff soft-flow hopper is a separation system for fragile granules / catalysts. The Soft Flow Hopper reduces the abrasion during suction to less than 5%. Normally it is used in standing containers from a height of more than 15 meters. The separator is installed on the tank head so that the suction line is shortened by at least 50%. The extracted granulate is then transported via special suction hoses down into the desired container. It is a continuous operation. When vacuum units are used, Edelhoff supplies specially developed suction lines, which together with the different separation systems contribute to the lowest possible abrasion.


The Edelhoff Soft-Flow-Hopper, in conjunction with the corresponding hose lines, ensures a gentle and non-destructive discharge of catalysts and bulk materials of all kinds from heights of more than 15 meters.

Benefit and advantage:

Prevention of abrasion of granules during the extraction process from vessels with a height of more than 15 meters.