Vacuum Units


Edelhoff has been serving service companies internationally for 25 years with individually equipped and installed vacuum units. Blowers Outputs of 2,000-10,000 m³, driven by diesel or electric motors, mounted on trucks or trailer frames, on swap bodies or in 20 "container frames. In addition to mobile systems for service companies, we also supply customers with stationary systems.


Our systems are individually tailored to every need and application. In inert gas, the delivery gas is recirculated. This means that behind the vacuum blower it is led back to the extraction point via the safety filters and a downstream cooler. All our systems comply with legal environmental standards. The diesel engines e.g. comply with the Euro 6 standard and we use HEPA 2 filters for the product filters. In the field of filter technology, we use the product filters required by the customer based on the product form. We offer different blower capacities of 2,000-10,000 m³ per hour. All our units are equipped with an electronic remote maintenance system.

Benefit & Advantage:

Edelhoff-vacuum units have been developed for the use of predominantly pyrophoric and unstable catalysts and granules. Our systems are specially designed for the careful handling of materials. The degree of destruction on a suction line of 50 m is less than 5%. Our plants operate in a closed circulation system, the bulk goods are continuously and dust-free filled into desired containers via a double-cycle lock.