Life Support Breathing Systems


The Life Support System has been on the market for over 40 years and has become indispensable for the handling of pyrophoric catalyst material in the field of industrial and reactor service. It provides the world's safest respiratory protection system for works in catalytic reactors, vessels, manhole dugs, pits, tanks and columns where is no breathable atmosphere, or which have been put under inert gas to be protected against pyrophoric reactions of the product, e.g. Catalyst, molecular sieve, activated carbon.


Edelhoff has been engineering and constructing the complete Life Support package, consisting of:

  • Breathing Air Console (2, 3, 4, 6, 8 users)
  • Anti-Panics-Helmet, CE + NIOSH
  • Communication / Documentation Device
  • Umbilical Device
  • Assembly into Transportation Units acc. to Customer Request

Edelhoff Life Support Systems are the safest respiratory protection systems worldwide. Because of its anti-panic respirator helmet with its independently working triple breathing air supply, integrated voice communication and camera monitoring as well as a height safety device, it’s a complete safety concept. This also includes a corresponding gas analysis system, named Edelhoff mobile Reactor Monitor.

Benefit & Advantage:

The Life Support System enables safe working in nitrogen atmospheres. It has 3 independent air supply lines for maximum safeness. The “Man-under-Helmet” service technician cannot interrupt the air supply on his own, he cannot take off the respirator on his own and he is permanently monitored by at least 2 other colleagues who are part of the Life Support System.